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Gov. John Kasich

Presidential campaign site development and CMS management

Working as head of the development team at Arena Online I was in charge of building out John Kasich's presidential campaign website in 2016.

The Kasich team's goals for the site were to inform the user of the candidate, raise money, and connect volunteers to regional campaign offices. The majority of development involved building the site in a way content could be managed easily and swiftly.

As the campaign progressed we added more features. My favorite was an interactive map of the U.S. that displayed endorsements for John Kasich by state.

The pace and scale of a Presidential campaign made working on this site rather unique. Great care had to be taken to keep the code base organized and documented. Late night edits became the norm. Watching Kasich in the Republican debates was a rush. Keeping an eye analytics and server load in tandem with Kasich's screen time was a stressful yet exhilirating experience.

Although Kasich dropped out in May 2016, I'm nonetheless proud of the site and the many lessons I learned about running a website on this scale.