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Neural Effects

Development, design, concept

As a freelance developer, I'm thrilled to share about Neural Effects, a project I've had the privilege to work on. This website is a comprehensive platform that provides a wealth of information and resources for concussion and mild brain injury treatment.

My favorite part of the site is the animation in the top header that moves with the cursor! I used tilt.js to animate an SVG graphic with different layers and perspective. It was a lot of fun to build and the client loved it!

Here are some of the other cool features I've implemented that really make the site stand out and effective for the clients business goals:

  1. Efficient Appointment Booking System: The Neural Effects website features an intuitive and efficient online appointment booking system. This system streamlines the process of scheduling appointments, saving users valuable time and effort. It's a testament to the site's user-centric design and commitment to providing a seamless user experience.
  2. Comprehensive Service Information: The website excels in providing clear, comprehensive information about the services offered at Neural Effects. Complex medical procedures and treatments are explained in an accessible manner, ensuring users can make informed decisions about their healthcare. This feature underscores the site's role as a valuable resource for patients and their families.
  3. Transparent Insurance Information: The inclusion of a dedicated section for accepted insurances is another key feature of the website. This transparency simplifies the often complex process of understanding insurance coverage, demonstrating the site's commitment to making healthcare more accessible.
  4. Responsive Design: The website is built with a responsive design, ensuring it looks and functions well on a variety of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones.
  5. SEO Optimized: The website is SEO optimized to improve its visibility on search engines, making it easier for those in need of concussion and mild brain injury treatment to find Neural Effects.

So there you have it! The Neural Effects website in all its glory - a user-friendly, informative, and downright handy platform for all your brain injury treatment needs. And the best part? It's all wrapped up in a sleek, responsive design that looks just as good on your smartphone as it does on your desktop. Now, how cool is that?