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Rumble Gums

Branding and marketing and website for my band


Besides making websites, I also make music. A lot of it takes shape as Rumble Gums, my rock/funk/hip-hop group for which I write, produce, and perform.

Branding for yourself is always a good reality check. Before we even picked a name, we had to look at the work objectively. What is the message? What flavor of music do we make? It's fun. Bold. Playful. Party funk perhaps? The name "Rumble Gums" packs a punch, while keeping it playful.

As our first album neared completion, we strategized. Creating a logo, grinding on social media, launching a website, and releasing of our first single, Smooth Talkin'.

Giving the Gums a Face

The wide-eyed chatter teeth became a big part of our image. Something about a character that is all mouth and eyes really fit the brand. Strong, almost intrusive fonts helped make the name feel louder.

The website is a platform to engage fans, show off music inform of events, and tell our story. I went with a single page layout, with everything up front and center. Showcasing our songs involves a simple Soundcloud embed.

Mobile Responsiveness

Of course, no site would be complete without being absolutely responsive on any device. As 70% of users were accessing the site through their phone, this was essential. The video has a placeholder image on mobile for phones that can't play the video file natively, and the Soundcloud embed uses HTML5, making it safe to play across the web.

Album Artwork

I wanted it to be a big production, and drive home the regal feel of RG. With the help of my band mates, and photographer Josh Fletcher, we were able to deliver exactly that. The back and CD art followed similar styles, with red velvet and gold.

The Making Of

Here's a time-lapse where you can see the assembly of the set. The whole process (including editing and photography) took about six hours. It was really rewarding getting everyone together to participate and have a say in the final product. We couldn't be happier with the result.


As Rumble Gums continues to evolve, so will it's branding. Every post, graphic, and release must be curated and refined according to the voice we've established. It's given the group a boost of success due to recognition and accessibility. Please check out my other Rumble Gums projects below. Thanks for reading!